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Dell Transport saved my skin when Office Depot made a big mistake! I scheduled and paid for a 2 Day Express FedEx delivery through Office Depot. Office Depot delayed the package by a day (they sent it out on Friday instead of Thursday), which made it so my package would not have arrived by the Monday 4:30 pm time that I paid for. My package was due in a government office in Harpers Ferry, WV by Tues morning, 10 am. If it showed up even one second late, it would not be accepted, and would have cost me and my team two months of work! After speaking with countless FedEx reps, they said that they might be able to get it to the office by 12 pm and that’s the best they could do. (Not acceptable!) My only option was to find a local courier and get them to pick up my package from the FedEx hub in Hagerstown and drive it to the destination — actually walk it into the government office. I Googled “courier in Hagerstown” and found Dell Transport. I called the number at 7:30 am and left a message. Donny called me back a few minutes later, listened to my situation, and immediately started offering solutions. Donny went to the FedEx hub, talked to his contacts there, got my package early, drove it to the delivery destination, and got it there with 15 minutes to spare. Both Donny and Lisa were supportive, understanding, and encouraging. They assured me that they would get my package delivered on time and they kept their promise. I STRONGLY recommend Dell Transport for their excellent customer service. They understand how important their work is to your company and will go the extra mile to make sure they do what they can to help you. Thank you Donny, Lisa, and Dell Transport for coming to my rescue!